IBPS PO Interview Questions with Answers (Most Asked)

Congratulations all candidates who have clearing IBPS PO Mains Exam...!!

Now it is the time face a difficult phase called “IBPS PO Interview”

This blog is to help you for Bank Interviews.

IBPS PO Interview Questions ( Most Asked )

Know what type of questions are asked in the interview & what questions are expected to be asked?

Introduce / Describe yourself?

Yes, in most of interviews the first question is introduce yourself.
In the answer of this question, you have to tell them about your Background, personal information & Education etc.

  • Tell them your Name, Parents designation etc.
  • Then tell the interviewer about your Education & qualifications ( Degree, College, Subjects etc. )
  • If you have worked anywhere then you can also add the skills & achievements in your answer.

Why do you Want to Join Banking Sector?

Because Banking Sector provides scope for individual, vertical growth & it will help me to improve job profile.

Jobs in the banking sector can involve settling in different parts of the country. 

The roles and responsibilities of banks also change regularly So it will be great chance to work in banking field. It will also provide Job Satisfaction by helping customers.

Will you leave this job if you get a better Job opportunity?

If you have pursued high qualifications, then there are chances that you can get a better job with good salary. So you have to answer this question wisely.

You can answer:

No Sir, I am looking for a job which will provide me a stable career, Which I can see in Banking Sector. The Growth in this field is really good. Just for some small benefits I will not quit my Job.

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How your high studies & qualification is going to help us?

What are your weakness?

To answer such questions, you should stay away from personal qualities and concentrate more on professional traits.

But be careful in answering this question. Don't say something which can create your bad impression on the interviewer.

for eg.:  I'm kind of person who want to do every work in a perfection way and sometimes concentrate too much on one single task to get it to perfection, using up time from other tasks.

What are your Strengths?

Answering this question will be easy for you. But please tell only the truth. Don't say any world just to impress the interviewer.

My strength is I can work in any environment and Positive attitude.

I am a fast learner and good at logical thinking, creativity, Patience, Discipline, Honesty, Dedication etc.

Special Tips for IBPS PO Bank Interview

  • Be Confident.
  • Don't Hesitate while Answering any question.
  • Be Ready to Answer Any Question.
  • Don’t Argue.
  • Have Patience.

Other questions which can be asked:

  1. Tell me about the most boring job you have ever had.
  2. Why do you want to be an Officer?
  3. Why could you not get success yet?
  4. If you don’t get final selection in this examination to what would you do?

These were the questions which are usually asked. But if Banking Related Questions & Current Affairs questions are also asked in the interview to know your knowledge level.

You should have Basic knowledge of Banking Related terms. & be aware of all the latest current affairs.

For eg:

  • What is CRR, SLR, Repo Rate, Reverse Repo Rate, Bank Rate?
  • What is Marketing, E-Commerce?
  • Tell me something about Mobile Banking & Net Banking
  • Tell me something about Prime Minister Jan Dhan Yojana?
  • What’s NPA?

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 I hope this blog will help you to understand the interview process & questions.

!! Best of Luck !!
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