IBPS Clerical or IBPS PO Which is Better - Select Wisely

IBPS PO v/s IBPS Clerk - Which is Better
IBPS PO v/s IBPS Clerk - Which is Better

All Graduate Candidates who are looking for a Job, they can apply for Bank Exams like IBPS Clerk & IBPS PO.

Know which one is better -

Many Candidates get confused in choosing career wisely. Because they are not aware of the difference between IBPS PO or IBPS Clerk.

To choose the better one – Candidates should know about Jobs, Salary Structure, Career Prospectus etc.


Fast Facts List:

IBPS Clerk
Salary and Perks
High chances
Less Chances


IBPS PO Salary V/s IBPS Clerk Salary


For any candidate, salary is most important factor to decide your career options. Here you can the salary of both Fields.


IBPS PO Basic Pay – 23700

Bank PO Salary after revision will be anywhere between Rs.38,678 to Rs.41,899

Junior Management Grade – Scale I: Officer i.e. PO – Rs 38703/-

Middle Management Grade – Scale II: Manager – Rs 45950/-

Middle Management Grade – Scale III: Senior Manager – Rs. 51490/-

Senior Management Grade – Scale IV: Chief Manager – Rs. 59170/-

Senior Management Grade Scale V: Assistant General Manager – Rs. 66070/-

IBPS PO Salary Structure
IBPS PO Salary Structure

IBPS Clerk –

Bank Clerk Salary after revision will be anywhere between Rs.19472.22/- to Rs.19589.87/-

The initial salary is Rs. 7200/- and almost all commercial banks are giving allowances in exactly 2 increments of Rs. 400/-. 
In this mean the total basic salary for newly joined clerk is of Rs. 8000/-.
Rs.19472.22/- to Rs.19589.87/-

After Revision, the In Hand Salary will increase from now salary Rs. 21,339 to Revised Salary Rs. 23,117/-.

IBPS Clerk Salary Structure
IBPS Clerk Salary Structure

Check – IBPS Clerk Result.


IBPS PO Career Growth V/s IBPS Clerk Career Growth


PO Starts its journey from Junior Management Grade Services (JMGS) & then turning into a General Manager, a Director or even the Chairman of the Bank.

IBPS PO Career Growth -

Bank PO
Assistant Manager
Branch Manager
Chief Manager

IBPS Clerk Career Growth –

If you join as a clerk in public sector bank, after some years you'll become assistant manager too, time limit varies from bank to bank.

At clerical level I can say that pressure will be less and they work till the official office hours, but growth wise it will take lot of time to reach managerial level.

Senior Officer
Assistant Manager
Senior Manager
Chief Manager

Career with Slow Growth than IBPS PO.

IBPS PO Job Structure v/s IBPS Clerk Job Structure 


IBPS PO Job Structure –

Probationary Officer (PO) is a starting level post of any officer in a bank. So you will have kept under approx 1 to 2 years of probation period it also called a training period.

In which Candidates learn basic and essential duties of a PO in the bank.

After completing your training period, next higher level of Middle Management Grade Scale II. 

IBPS Clerk Job Structure –

After Selection of IBPS Clerk candidates will be held under a training period.

In which you have to learn Handling deposit and withdrawal cash, Payment clearance, a daily record of balance, receipts collection, ledger maintenance and data entry works, etc.

After a span of few years, you will become eligible for a promotional exam. If you clear this exam you can become a Trainee Officer(TO).

After that he comes at the same level of PO, and all the future promotion prospects will be same to him as that of a PO.


Start Preparation for Bank PO Exam – IBPS PO Preparation.

Now You can Select the one which suites you. :)

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Best of Luck !!


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