Coding Decoding Reasoning Shortcuts

Coding Decoding is an important part of Reasoning. If you know the tricks to solve it then you can get full marks in coding decoding section.

The questions of Coding Decoding are generally asked in all Exams like IBPS, SSC, Bank Exams, railway Exams. You can get 5-10 marks by learning the simple trick of coding decoding.

Many of Students find it difficult to solve these types of questions. Here we will discuss about the Coding decoding questions related to mental Aptitude.

Coding decoding is used for sending secret messages Coding is to convert the message into some signals & Decoding is to convert it into the original form.

There are different types of this problem like Alphabets problem, Numeric digits problems, Mixed alphanumeric problems.

There are two parts.

  1. Coding
  2. Decoding

In coding alphabets or digits are replaced by another alphabets or numbers.
In Decoding we need to rearrange the Words into meaningful words or order, which in sense convert the decoding into coding.

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There are different types of coding decoding

  1. Letter coding
  2. Number coding
  3. Mixed coding
  4. Mixed number coding
  5. Decoding
  6. Symbol decoding  
 For Eg.

Coding Decoding Problem
Reasoning problem
Mental Aptitude
I hope this will help you to know Reasoning & Mental Aptitude Problems.
Best of Luck :)
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